May 29, 2007

Happy. Sad. Emo. Contented. Everything in one.

Today is a day of all that. Yup. And I wonder why? It's satisfying. In a GOOD way. LOL.
Well, happy because today started well. I woke up and I had the ultimate breakfast. Well, not that I'm bragging about it or anything, it's called the ultimate in the menu (bacon, egg, beans and frankfurters, yum!) I realized that breakfast is the way to start any day. It makes you happy for some reasons. haha. I should just go for exercise. Endorphin (a hormone produced in our body after exercising) makes us happy. But I'm just lazy! haha. And I'm complaining when I gain weight. We, humans, are living in denial. That's just life! And it makes the world go round!

So, we had a discussion. Thanks to some really gung-ho people in class, we have to submit a proposal for psychology next week, when it's due in July. Thanks a lot. NOT! We had a fun time discussing, although two of our dedicated and hardworking group members has to work today.

I wouldn't say I was sad. More like emo. It's sometimes too much is in your head. I lost count of my assignments. It's that bad. Depressed mode! la la la. And the weather this two days, is really extreme. On Monday, it was gloomy the whole day. Raining the whole day, basically. Most probably, it's from Thailand. You know how the guy always brings rain wherever he goes, and it has such big impact this time, it affected Malaysia as well. You know what I'm talking about... haha... And I was just thinking of gloomy monday. That's what people say about Mondays anyway. As gloomy as it can be, I liked Monday. A rainy day is always soothing and warm under the blanket with a really good book or song. hehe.

Contented. Well, the satisfying part. It's like being able to feel different emotions in a day or two, nothing beats that. Today was awesome, I enjoyed class... But I really have to HIT WACK myself for being apologetic to Gary when he told me I did well in my long journal entry. That word just slipped out. Because it was like 4-5 pages long, and .. SO WHAT?!? He called me cibai for that. OUCH. but that's just Gary. lolz. haha. FYI, that's not the contented part. haha...

And just now, SIGH. BIG SIGH. As ugly as the new SEGI might look, it does look awesome. The swimming pool is to DIE-FOR! It looks like a mosque though. haha. I don't know why I feel jealous. Weird. But, do check it out.. No need to go there, just follow the link for pictures. Hah! I so badly want a campus! A real campus. IACT... Sigh... haha..

Oh yeah. It's really weird we don't have PR lecture today, although I needed the break. So does Hardip after yesterday's heated argument in class. It was like an off-day for us! haha. Everyone went cuckoo (even QT!), probably the teh-ais we had at the mamak! hahah...

I'm still contemplating on what to major in. Now that, suddenly everyone wants to go into broadcasting, I feel like I'm suck into the bourgeoisie world! hahah.. That's an overused term now. STOP. okay.

Hah. I think; therefore I am -Decartes- is also very oh-so-yesterday! Well, actually a century ago? haha. But I do think what he said was true, Keep out of the public eye, if you wish to live a happy existence. Immediately, you-know-who, pops out in my mind. I'm still rooting for them! I have faith! haha..

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