Feb 1, 2010

Change begins with choice

Your choice. Like success or knowledge which only comes to those who seek.

Funny, how the other day I was with my dad and he asked me a rather amusing question. "How do you know so many things?" Without thinking, I answered, "Knowledge didn't fall from the sky for me, I seek it, and that's how I learn".

I don't understand a lot of things, I only seek.

and why do people change? you might wonder. Like how we garner knowledge, we make a choice. Most people are too scared, even I get the anxiety to change but it's the only permanent thing. Like how I saw a quote posted by my friend, Jamie who posted on Facebook, "What's the biggest room?" "Room for improvement!" Aye to that!

I get agitated when I don't agree with other people's thinking simply because I have different values and principles. So, morale of the story is, "Don't get angry when someone has a different perspective, because not everybody adopts the same values or principles as you"

Take the simple approach, and stop analyzing too much. You would age more gracefully, that's for sure.

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