Jan 7, 2010

How long does it take?

For pain to go away
For you to be rich
For you to be great at playing the guitar
For you to get the girl of your dreams?

Well, I've finally understood the real meaning behind the saying, "Time does not heal". Yes, you have to wait, yes, time is an essence. But time has nothing to do with your achievements. Whether you're finally going to get over the breakup, or you made your first million, or you are now a proud owner of the Ferrari that you always dreamed of, time has nothing to do with it.

What is it then?

The missing puzzle.


Yes, you.

When you finally decide that enough is enough, then things starts to change. This is how you should lead your life in 2010. Decide now. No matter what challenges you will face, it'll be nothing if you don't let it get in your way for too long.

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