Jul 9, 2009

this place could be much brighter than tomorrow

Sometimes, it takes something huge to make us start reflecting on our current self or situation; it took a passing of a legend this time around; not only an icon, but a human being, a man, no less. In the words of Maya Angelou, "We had him".

He may not be God, but he has lived his life on stage, scrutinized of every act on stage and off stage. He was God-like, people worshiped him but didn't spare him off the stage. Even until the very end, he had a mega solemn stage exit; life is indeed a brief's candle.

The testimonials, eulogies by his closest friends and family during his memorial struck me; could it be that this man lived a life of a friend, a son, a brother, a father? He was invincible, he was incomparable, he was anything but human-like in terms of his capabilities, but we do forget that he's fragile too, he has a heart and he is all human, but with a heart bursting with love and generosity; to share his talent to the world.

The world, the media was not able to take him as it is; he was powerful, he was in every household, he was something to everyone; his beat, infamous moonwalk, his high pitch voice, his persona, his soft spoken personality. In one way or another, we take it all in, we spit him out; taking for granted of God's gift, or messenger.

He was a messenger of peace, he was true love preacher; but always misunderstood for having personal hidden intentions. We are human, so is he. One man for the world, but it's not easy having the world against you.

"Smile, as though your heart is aching", this particular line from his favorite song by Charlie Chaplin is telling us his life on stage. Hurtful words, critics may have crush his fragile and innocent heart, but he is always smiling. And even that, people can still find fault in his smiling. The world is judgmental; we conform to the norms of society and we seek approval; he is one of the few that tried to make a change. Justify Full

He lived his life like a prophet. I'm not saying he deserved to worshipped; but what I'm saying that this man, this unbelievable man; stripped of his talents, of his name, of his background, deserves our [final] respect. He who has sacrificed himself, and poured so much love and kindness for the world, deserves to be loved.

The world should celebrate his life; and life goes on after this. Take this as a great lesson; take this as a story shared throughout our generation and our children' generation. For a man who has raised the bars, and broke the bars; and knowing, "We had him".

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