Jul 3, 2009

Our 20 years of education leads to...

Sit back and think, we studied for 20 years or more to wear a gown, to call yourself a graduate, to say I'm officially an adult, to cry out loud, "Why did I ever wished to grow up so fast?"

Like how the elders feel about nearing the end, fresh grads fear the real world. We grew up to aim for the moon and to ignore the stars, A+ if you can, C, you're no good. The more subjects you take for your SPM, the better chances of getting more As; the list never ends.

I think I'm a little feverish now that it has finally hit me, that I'll be officially a diploma graduate tomorrow[ ignoring the fact I have already been working for half a year, or we'll be the super seniors among the graduating lots] There are a few congratulatory messages, and yetI didn't feel a thing.

Some won't be attending the convocation. Some will. This seems like a 10th year reunion for our batch... Probably no kids, more like telling how amazing your current job is, or how much weight you lost or gained, or your new image, or the places you've traveled over the past year.

Oh, the feeling is all jumbled up, like salad, now I'm not sure whether to go with mayo, italian or thousand, maybe a little bit of olive oil, less calories that way, ;) I think you only go through this when you're waiting for your exam results, your reunion, convocation, marriage, preggus test, well let's not go too far in the future; but it's moments like these that make you go all jittery, speechless, and seriously there are no words for it.

If it was a pie, then it would be real messy.
If it was a scene in a movie, it would be the final battle in LOTR 3. ;p
If it was a moment, this would really come close to giving birth, the part where you breath in and out, and regret and then you cry, "My beautiful baby".

Now, I just hope I don't "deliver".

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