May 9, 2009

Re: Things they don't tell you in Starbucks

My turn now, Carrie.

Bladder cleared, hand moisturized with Body Shop Lotion in those RM2 premium toilets.

Have a Starbucks Barista get you a comfy sofa seat with "Let me get you a drink" service provided.

Have a Kwai lou (because Caucasian doesn't sound cool) ask you "Can I share a seat with you?"Truly international Exposure: Phillipinos, Punjabs, Americans, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese.

View on the left: People buying luggage, on the right people queuing for drink.

Well, Starbucks is truly an experience. They don't sell RM12 caffeine and sugar laden drinks for nothing eh?

Speaking of experience; I went shopping with a friend and oh well, let me rephrase: She's doing the shopping.

We went to Thomas Sabo; and she spent thousand bucks on her plastic for a birthday gift; and I get to be opinionated- if it's the right term for that. "Oh that would look nicer..." Priceless. Of course, check out their designs. Although who knew Charm braceletes (silver and cubic zirconia) could be of a price of an arm and leg; ok, maybe gold.

Business is very good though. When we were there, about 5 people walked in and bought something. The sales girls can be TERRIBLE but they can still sell it. I mean, everything is pretty much bull; like i.e. "The Snake represents Energy and it's being different". Hello?

Which proves to say; people don't buy because of the price. I mean if you can put a "value" on a piece of fugly rubber shoe (make it comfy so that people won't notice its ugliness) and call it Crocs, people would run for it.


My word of advice: Get a rich friend, so you can get them to buy you an exsy pressie if they forget your birthday.Or better make them forget it.

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