May 5, 2009

Midnight Blogger

Not that there's anything mysterious about it. Or thrilling.

One thing I realized, 6 months into employment is that you do as what you're told. And they no excuses because your boss isn't your parents. You can't throw a fit.

But you can say, "I quit!" Or do a dramatic Devil Wears Prada ending!

Well, not funny to anyone that has been informed to not come to work because they're no longer needed or can the company afford to pay, which is usually the case. It's a sad economic situation; but whether you see it as a crisis or an opportunity, it's another different thing altogether.

But then again, employment. I have my fair share of the hot topic-"economy conversation "from all walks of life; aunties and uncles, cab drivers, neighbours, strangers. Swine flu is secondary when you're facing with money. In reality, to get a really nice burial plot on the hill overlooking the ocean cost more than you think.

Ex Airport Engineer Now- Taxi driver #1 laments about Beginning of the end of the world theory and ended with a "Why don't you work for the government? It's safe"

Aunty #2 says No Time. This came from a well educated, degree holder. The difference between contentment and excuses is stupidity.

Recently laid off #3 said No Time, Too busy because of Just Over Broke.

We grew up with ideas and plans- health, career, success, family, spiritual.

When you're 50 and you realize you don't have financial independence, maybe you got the wrong plan. So, if you're in a situation where you'd go "I didn't sign up for this", well, maybe someone gave you a wrong plan.

So, make a decision.

Choose to come up with a million of excuses Or find a solution.

A young man asked a successful businessman, "How do you become successful?" He answered "Make lots of good decisions" He asked again, "How do you make good decisions?""Make lots of bad decisions".

The first thing I did learned after all these years, is to listen to my thoughts. For the times I break through, and for the times I failed; I realized the difference.

Am I spending time on making up excuses or am I looking for a solution?

We have to start somewhere, somehow. So, start listening to yourself today, in the midst of economic chaos, or health concerns; reflect and observe your thoughts.

What are you thinking in your mind?

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