Feb 2, 2009

do i look like one of those...

girls who will actually get numbers and likewise in a club? The answer is a straight up NO. Well, I don't know whether I should be happy about it or wallow in self pity alone in my room? Definitely not the latter. The last thing I need is to wait for someone to sober up and realize his life sucks. Because mine definitely rocks! Yeah.

Truth is, I find no joy/excitement/happiness in getting all zonked up and take in all those nicotine, oh and having an excuse for rubbing against each other and not be annoyed or watching couples humping each other on the dance floor, and yes, I have seen it all, and it's not a pretty sight.

I do enjoy fashion shows in the ladies'. It's the only place with proper lighting where you can check out what other people are wearing; which is fun! Sorry for being a killjoy, but that's what I prefer doing, than all the action on the dance floor.

Come on, there's more to life than that. I rest my case.

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