Dec 20, 2007

Updates. All-in!

Evaluation Day. The moment of truth...
My favorite part- truth to be told. :p

And there was the education fair. Reds Go Together-Gether! :p

We got our grammar wrong, and now confusing people with the speeli.. spelling? *tsk* *tsk*

Christmas Decor in Midvalley's Centre Court.

And IACT's 15th Anniversary babbyy.. *tears*

And there was CS... *hehehe*

And cute reindeer's spotted in One Utama. :D

The "better" decor in One Utama. :)

With confused looking drummer boy. Awww...

And for Christmas, cobra show is here in town.. =_='!!

The ADORABLE - Alvin and the Chipmunks...
Won't you take me to .. Funky townnn!!!!?

*some pictures are blurred on purpose. Shhh.. It's supposed to be a secret. :)

3 spoken:


You blurred my CSI tshirt@
I think....


yeah. they weren't supposed to know that either! *shhh* hahaha.. :)

Jamie Lioh

I know the answer!!! hehe =)

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