Dec 15, 2007

*Drips. Arghhh!

Good Morning? Woken up by the sound of dripping music in the bathroom- where it echoes!!!
I wonder where the water came from? It did rained heavily last night, but couldn't it be anymore worse? I was feeling upset, and now this. But throughout my sort-of emo-ing session:

Lyrics: (first verse)

What's going on
I still see the frown in your face
It's so out of place
All you can remember
Is how you felt the other day
You let the small things in your way

But you know that will just keep you down
Loosen your grip, and drop it on the ground.

Note: What is this David? Sigh. You're the best. Thanks.

And this forwarded quote: (from my dad)

Life will always be full of high and lows. So if you are feeling down, remember, something great is around the corner.

It was almost unbelievable. Seriously speaking.
God, are you trying to tell me something?

I never hesitated about what I blog, but for some issues, well I think twice. And as "outspoken" or "opinionated" as I can be, I'm a little too fragile inside. *sobs* There are some things I need to keep to myself. After all, like they say, Secrets are what that maketh of a woman. Hah! to that. But I guess it's true. Maybe. Possibly.

Now I shall go and mend whatever that is broken. And will be back in action. I hope. But one thing's for sure, that it'll be quite sometime till I recover fully. *gulps* I know right?

Let me leave you a lil something...
My apologies if I dampen your Christmas mood. :x

Between two worlds,
With such distance,
It's too different,
You're from the Artic,
I'm the lunatic,
When no one else sees,
As fragile as I can be,

When there's nothing,
I should have taken a hint,
Instead I just rushed into scene,
Pabo me,
When the party's over,
I shan't be seen,
Cause I already retrieved back to my own,
Where I really belong,
Taking back what is mine.
Stupid ain't it?
It's still dainty.
And at least you won't be there to break it.

3 spoken:

Jamie Lioh

Why so emo emo? Share your problems with someone you can trust and rely on (I know you think I am not), dun keep everything to yourself. It doesn't help at all. Hopefully you will get over this soon. Good friends (I am one!)will always be there and support you without any question.

*you spoiled my mood*


*Muax Jamie*

Disclaimer: Is that my problem? ;)


You know's not worth at all being emo coz of a guy.

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