Sep 5, 2007

#SP- Signing up with PPP.

I just signed up with PPP which stands for Pay Per Post. I have been blogging for quite some time now. Well, I love blogging and was thinking why not put my writing skills to test and make money out of it? I was browsing through some prospective sponsors, and I stumbled upon PPP on a friend's site. Signing up was quite easy, it's just a click away, really.

Everything had to be done in detail though, for example, verifying your blog and also setting up an account with Paypal. For starters, I browsed through a few featured blogs on the site to see how it really works. At first, it wasn't convincing for me to think I can qualify to write something for the sponsors, you need to have enough traffic flow into your blog before you can command cash, for example. As your score increases, you're able to access into more opportunities.

I started from a minimum $5.00, and I posted a link on my blog as you can you see at the side. I waited, and here I am now, writing my first sponsor post. I'll see how it goes, and hopefully better opportunities will come by.

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